marine and cargo SURVEYORS

I'm YOUR Marine & Cargo Surveyor!
This is the page on most websites where the person involved (in this case, me!) undertakes as much shameless self-promotion as the page will hold. Your job as the reader is to sift through the narcissistic puffery until you get to the bare information you are looking for. Since I know your time is valuable, I'll skip the fancy exaggerations and simply present you with some facts. Should you, at a later date, want the "creative writing" edition of my profile I'll be happy to send it to you! Until then, here are the highlights:

  • I worked more than a decade at a breakbulk terminal. My positions included stevedore, warehouseman, equipment operator, foreman and in-house surveyor
  • I have experience surveying bulk breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargoes as they are loaded and discharged from ships/barges
  • Experienced and trained in draught surveying, container inspection, bunker surveys, condition surveys
  • Also experienced with surveying rail/truck/air freight
  • I have extensive experience with wind turbine components and steel cargoes
  • I have received formal training in inspecting, documenting and reporting damage
  • I own and am trained in the use of infrared thermal imaging equipment
  • I'm currently wrapping up a diploma in Marine Surveying (with a Cargo endorsement) offered by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.  
  • I'm based in Windsor, Ontario - centrally located on the Great Lakes. I can be in the port of Detroit MI in 10 minutes, Toledo OH in less than an hour, Toronto OR Burns Harbor IN in appx. four hours drive. A central location cuts down on travel expenses and reduces your costs!
  • I am ready to travel anywhere on a moments notice - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE
  • I have a visa that allows me to work in the United States
  • I possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential aka "TWIC Card". This enables me to enter secure port facilities without the need of an escort.
  • Should you need me to accompany your cargo in transit, I also hold an AZ license (for driving tractor/trailers), a Free And Secure Trade (FAST) card, and a NEXUS card. Anywhere your cargo can go, I can go with it!
If you care to read my day to day ramblings, I maintain a blog at

Should you require more detailed information about my experience and expertise, please feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon!